Magical calendula

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This characteristic, orange coloured blossom is very common in gardens. Despite this ordinariness it is described as magical and mysterious plant. Do wy know what is the real power of calendula? Olive for masagge Olive with calendula is very good for massage and at the same time smoothes scars and stretch marks: Place fresh calendula [...]

Spring is budding!

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The winter period is slowly drawing to an end. I am looking forward to spring - true, gushing with colours, buzzing, warming. So far, we are still in the “transition period” when stocks are running out and each day we can’t wait for new, green, benign. Catkin milk against the cold Add 1 tabelspoon of [...]

A bit magic – Siberian thistle

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You must admit that the commonly used name of the herb “Siberian thistle” (cirsium oleraceum) hardly sounds magical. Yet if we use the plant’s folk names, for instance: Devil’s rib, sorcerer, devilscare, meadow scraper, vegetable thistle, Tzar’s herb and many others, our imagination runs amok. Cleansing Siberian thistle bath Add 50 grams of the herb [...]