Thymus serpyllum – the sunshine plant

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I became enchanted with thymus some time ago. I remember listening to a radio program in which Stefania Korżawska was telling a story of the “mistress of the Sun” and the herb brought by Queen Bona Sforza. It really made my day (especially the part about the mistress of the Sun), but it also caught my interest. So I was quick to plant these small purplish-pink flowers on my balcony – they looked incredibly cheerful.

Relaxing thymus bath

Add 200 grams of thymus to 3 litres of boiling water.

After 30 minutes, pour the strained thymus water into your bathtub filled with approximately 37-degrees-Centigrade water.

Enjoy your moment of blissful relaxation! Allow yourself a moment alone! Be Natuu!

I started digging up more and more information about thymus. It immediately did the trick in the kitchen – within my reach I had a pleasantly smelling seasoning, somewhere between thyme and marjoram, but with a sprinkle of sunshine! I particularly recommend it for country style chicken roasted with vegetables:-)

Thymus serpyllum opens to the Sun, because it is because of the sunshine that it blossoms and matures. It is known to give strength and optimism. It is also believed to have warming properties and to improve memory. Thymus is also indicated in the states of anemia, hypothermia, increased physical and mental effort.

If you need to warm up, if you’re stressed out and in need of relaxation – I recommend a thymus bath.