About Podlasie

Podlasie is one of the cleanest and uncontaminated regions where time-tested folk traditions and customs have been being cultivated for centuries.  One of them is the culture of gathering herbs and using them for healing.

Unlike synthetic substances, herbs affect the human body holistically. On the one hand, they fight particular ailments, on the other hand, they restore the balance of the entire system.


Herbs and herbal healing are particularly important to Podlasie and its people. It is here that ways of healing particular ailments with herbs have been being passed on from generation to generation.
It is also here that more than a half of the national natural harvest comes from. Also here, in Podlasie, cultural customs and habits – oftentimes related to nature and herbs – have been meticulously preserved.

Many in the region have vast knowledge of using and processing what nature gives them. Centuries-long traditions of herbal healing have enabled people to domesticate and organize reality, they have been an important aspect of life and they unified local rural communities.

Grandmothers, folk healers and medicine women, who still use traditional herbal knowledge are still to be found in Podlasie. They avail themselves of natural methods to alleviate many ailments and problems.