The world of Natuu

Natuu is our way of understanding the world filled with simplicity, ordinariness, harmony and naturalness. This world is to be found here in Podlasie, where Natuu was born. Not only did stories of people becoming one with nature breathe life into Natuu, but they also shaped the values we hold dear.

There is great strength in simplicity and harmony.
As in herbs. This extraordinary power of plants may sometimes work wonders, changing us both on the inside and on the outside, changing our psyche and our appearance.


A childhood story appeared in the memoirs of Mirosław Angielczyk, Doctor of Medicine,with whom we co-create Natuu. When he got burnt, his grandmother applied a certain plant to his skin. She had no idea what active substances it has. What she did know, however, was that it would work. End of story. Just like that. And how did she know that? From a lifetime of experience, centuries of traditions passed on from generation to generation, time-tested herbal recipes commonly known in Podlasie.

These days, mostly due to vast knowledge of dr. Mirosław Angielczyk and other members of the Natuu team, we know much more about plants. Because of science, research and experience we know their natural, beneficial properties.
We also share this knowledge with you! Share it with others!

Enter the world of Natuu and help us improve women’s lives.

We don’t know much about quantum physics or complicated mathematical equations.  I guess we don’t even want to.
We do, however, know the herbs and their use in cosmetics.
We also know what passion and commitment are – without them the world of Natuu would not have come to be, nor would our authenticity, genuineness and simple naturalness!

The sense of safety is of utmost value and it is at the heart of happiness.
The power of herbs and our knowledge make it possible for us to give you this safety and health today! May the power of herbs give you healthy energy!
Take care of yourself and of your honest relations with your surroundings!

Enter the world of Natuu – an oasis of natural beauty and a peaceful harbour!
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