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Mirosław Angielczyk, MD


Herbal healing and using plants in various aspects of life have been part of dr. Mirosław Angielczyk’s story almost from his childhood. It was out of his love of herbs and respect to Podlasie tradicions that he established a company – Dary Natury (Nature’s Gifts) nearly 30 years ago. Every months it sells several dozen tons of herbs worldwide.

A title of Doctor of Medicine was conferred upon Mirosław Angielczyk at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) in the realm of medicinal plant use. As a member of the Natuu team, he shares with us his knowledge of plants and their applications in cosmetology.

Every day dr. Mirosław Angielczyk receives many renowned scientists and herb enthusiasts from Podlasie and from all over the world. His knowledge and experience have always been invaluable while developing Natuu products.

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Dary Natury is a company operating on the herbal and organic food markets. It is based in Podlasie, in a small village of Koryciny – secluded among forests. The conditions there are conducive to ample vegetation which is collected as raw herbs. Apart from herbs gathered naturally, Dary Natury also uses the harvest of ecological farms.

Air quality tests confirm air cleanliness in Koryciny. They also corroborate that it is the region where no environmental pollutants have been reported.

Polish Herbal Garden

The Herbal Garden of Podlasie was registered as a botanical garden in June 2011. It had been being built for more than 4 years and the idea for its creation started budding as early as in the 1990s.

The objectives of the Herbal Garden of Podlasie include: (a) protecting rare, familiar plant species, (b) educating adults, youths and children about the environment, (c) raising awareness of the utmost importance of plants in human history.

The Herbal Garden of Podlasie abounds in medicinal, edible, dyeing and oily plants, as well as those commonly used in cosmetology. The garden also exchanges valuable plant seeds with similar gardens worldwide. Thus the number of plants in the garden is growing year on year.

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