A new line of natuu™ cosmetics.

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Our first line of cosmetics with Salvia miltiorrhiza extract has paved the way on which our hit will soon appear – a line of lifting cosmetics with acmella extract.

Lifting and moisturizing cream with acmella extract

  • firms and intensively moisturizes the skin
  • is anti-wrinkle
  • improves elasticity and flexibility of the skin
  • improves the appearance of the skin

Lifting and nourishing cream with acmella extract

  • firms the skin and is anti-wrinkle
  • affects the reconstruction of the epidermal hydrolipid layer
  • improves elasticity and flexibility of the skin
  • improves the appearance of the skin

Lifting and moisturizing body lotion with acmella extract

  • firms and intensively moisturizes the skin
  • prevents drying of the skin
  • improves elasticity and flexibility of the skin
  • the skin becomes soft and pleasant to touch

Acmella oleracea is very special plant. It comes from South America where it was used by local tribes as a „toothache plant” – chewing of leaves of acmella has anesthetic effect. This property of plant become interesting for researchers and they found that acmella contains spilanthol – an active compound that has botuline-like effect. Spilanthol is a plant alkaloid which has relaxing effect on the mimic muscles thanks to which it soothes fine wrinkles. In addition, it has been shown that the acmella stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, which helps to prevent wrinkles. These properties cause that acmella extract is a perfect compound for lifting and anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

In natuu ™ the idea for cosmetics with acmella developed for a long time – the most important thing was that this plant grows here, in Podlasie. We decided to used the power of acmella. We checked all information about the properties of this plant and we conducted our own research on the content of spilanthol in the acmella extract.

Finally, a line of three cosmetics was created, in which the properties of acmelli extract was additionally strengthened by the presence of other natural ingredients in order to obtain the best lifting effect.

In our two creams and body lotion you can find:

– linseed oil – conditioning the skin and preventing it from drying

– mallow extract, which has protective and strengthening properties, as well as soothing, refreshing, softening and smoothing

– Alchemilla vulgaris extract with antioxidant activity

– lemon balm extract, which tones and refreshes skin, and also has antioxidant properties

– peppermint extract, soothing irritations and softening the skin

– heath speedwell extract that has anti-inflammatory, nourishing and supportive effects on skin cell renewal processes

– yarrow extract with anti-inflammatory and soothing effect

– primrose extract, which promotes skin regeneration, prevents wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, supports the elimination of cellulite by stimulating blood circulation.

We heartily invite you to try our products with acmella extract! Follow our website, and you will not miss the premiere of the acmella line.

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